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Keen to reduce the amount of waste timber produced from our joinery being sent to landfill, manufacturing bespoke Windows, Doors and Staircases, we started producing our wooden briquettes, Bond Eco-Fuel, in 2007.

Our briquettes are made from our wood waste (sawdust and wood chips, shredded from our offcuts) and are pressed under high pressure without any binding material. By compacting the wood with this high pressure, the lignin molecules in the wood melt under the pressure and bind the wood chips and dust together turning it into a fuel, like brown coal.

One advantage of wood briquettes is that they have a lower ash and sulphur content, compared to fossil fuels. The carbon dioxide (CO2) balance is considered even, because it is believed the wood briquettes release just as much CO2 to the atmosphere as the trees used for their production once absorbed through growth by photosynthesis.

In addition, briquettes have a substantially higher energy content per cubic foot due to their density which means less storage space and more heat released per kg. The low moisture content of about 10% leads to an energy content of around 5.0 kWh per kg depending on the type of wood.

Available from our workshop at Babbage Road, Totnes, TQ9 5JA or from one of the following suppliers;

Shinner's Bridge, Dartington, Totnes, TQ9 6JD

Bridgetown Stores, 14-15 Bridgetown, Totnes, TQ9 5BA

Follaton Stores, Follaton, Totnes, TQ9 5FQ

California Cross Filling Station, Modbury, PL21 0SG

Totnes Cross Filling Station, Halwell, TQ9 7JG